About The 4% Club | Discover the Vision and Mission of The 4% Club | Empowering Women through Personalized Nutrition and Wellness Programs


Empowering women over 40 to make a lasting impact, break free from the cycle of yo-yo dieting, and take control of their health and wellness for good.

Are you tired of battling with weight issues caused by hormonal changes, thyroid problems, and a slow metabolism?

We believe, the frustration of fad diets, ineffective workouts, and the constant yo-yoing of weight is all too familiar.

96% of dieters will regain everything they have lost. With only 4% of women actually keeping the weight off long-term.

It is this sad fact that caused us to take action and create The 4% Club.

We empower women through education, personalised support and accountability to lose weight forever and end yo-yo dietiting for good.

Our team of over 20 experienced nutritionists, dietitians, personal trainers, and health coaches will support you every step of the way.

The 4% Club will revolutionize the way you think about food, weight loss, and your health. You’ll feel happy with the way you look, you’ll feel incredible and be so proud of what you achieve. You’ll be in complete control of your hormones, metabolism and cravings forever. That’s our promise.

Ready to take control of your body?

Our Why

96% of dieters regain everything they have lost... With only 4% of people actually keeping the weight off long-term. We aspire to ensure you become part of the 4% and end the pain and misery of yo-yo dieting for good.

Our Mission

To empower, inspire and educate women to live their best life. Helping them gain confidence, create new standards for themselves and thrive in a supportive community of incredible women.

Our Vision

To give women a legitimate solution to weight loss. Providing exceptional service, in a supportive environment, enabling them to create new lifestyles that facilitate real, lasting change.